• How do I find out my Enneagram Type?

    Your Enneagram Type is subjective, and only you can identify it.  Finding your Enneagram Type is a self-discovery process.  However, there are tools available to assist in this search.  Certified Enneagram teachers are available to do “Typing Interviews.”  Such an interview will assist in narrowing down the Type possibilities and answering questions regarding Type – see “Certified Teachers” tab on this website. Further assistance is available at The Narrative Enneagram.  We would recommend David Daniels book, The Essential Enneagram, which includes a survey that will assist in the process of determining your Enneagram type.

  • Does my Enneagram Type change throughout my lifetime?

    The simple answer is “no,” your Type does not change.  The formation of Type is a product of nature and nurture as experienced in early childhood.  Our Enneagram Types becomes foundational as our identity. We do not lose our personality; we discover its assets and liabilities and come to know that it is not who we are but the accumulation of limited habits developed in our early years. Becoming aware of Type begins the process of change which can lead to a true understanding of our identity.

  • Doesn't the Enneagram system put people in boxes?

    We all have a personality, a “box” of behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, that narrow our view of life and of others.  The Enneagram names the box and the biases held therein, thus opening up the possibility of change.  Often we repeat the same patterns and are frustrated by the experience of suffering in these patterns and do not know how to change or what to change.  The Enneagram provides a path out of the “box” of the personality to a fuller life.

  • Can the Enneagram indicate a ``best relationship`` combination for me?

    Again, the short answer is “no.”  There is no best or worse personality Type.  There is no personality Type which would fit better or worse with your Type.  People who have different Enneagram Types or even the same Type can learn to work together to have a more well rounded approach to life.   All Types are capable of good relationships.

  • Can the Enneagram determine the best career path to follow?

    Knowing your Type will help you to understand your preferences and gifts.  This knowledge can then be applied to various careers.  Again, there is no “best Type” for a career but the career becomes part of your path of self-discovery.

  • What is the origin of the Enneagram?

    All spiritual traditions and the ancient myths have dealt with the role of the personality in understanding the struggles of the human condition.  The Enneagram is an outgrowth of these traditions.  As knowledge has evolved so has the application of the Enneagram of Personality.  Modern psychology and the distillation of the teachings of spiritual leaders have added depth to the application of the Enneagram.  Currently, neuro-scientific exploration is contributing to the understanding of how the Enneagram Types develop in response to the primary needs for connection, security, and worth.