Leslie is a consultant, spiritual guide, teacher and facilitator who guides clients and teams in the field of human transformation and practical change.
She has been working with the Enneagram for 20 years and was certified in the Narrative Tradition in 2002. She completed one of the first coach trainings with Dr. David Daniels and Terry Saracino, Enneagram in Business training with Narrative trained teacher Dr. Ginger Lapid Bogda and Integral Theory certification with Ken Wilber’s Integral Life. She has also completed Part 1 of Somatic Experiencing training with the Somatic Experience Training Institute. She has a Master’s in Theology from Xavier University and is a 17 year member of the Enneagram Bergamo Learning Community with Helen Palmer.
She created the online Enneagram Course Between You and Love with Integral Life and taught the online Patterns of Being course with Helen Palmer, Terry Saracino and Renee Rosario.
She’s worked with hundreds of individuals, organizations and teams throughout the U.S., Europe and South America. Three centered Narrative Enneagram work is unparalleled in the gentle way it helps people deepen awareness, compassion and understanding of themselves and others.
Leslie’s process is rooted in well-researched methods that support people in cultivating:
INTENTION to help you ground your desire to grow.
She then helps clients withTerry Saracino and David Daniels’ “4 As:”
  • AWARENESS of habitual patterns in yourself and in your relationships with others;
  • ACCEPTANCE means opening your heart to yourself and others without harsh judgment and self-criticism;
  • ACTION which invites you into new behaviors where you learn to PAUSE and practice something different;
  • ADHERENCE is a commitment to practices that sustain change.